Company leaders don’t like worktime administration

„meaningless surplus”, „administrative burden”, „time-consuming task”


Worktime registration is NOT only a mandatory administration, but the ground of company development. In a flourishing, expanding firm, managers know exactly: who, when, where and what is doing, distribution of vacations is well organized and overtime accounting is accurate.

With e-book Ways of Worktime Management improvement in these can be achieved by you too.

We have collected


the most important points,

the possible alternatives

in a useful collection, which we titled

Ways of Worktime Management.

With the help of the study you can only win, since you will spare…




Companies typically spend 2-3 hours on a monthly basis for worktime registration, what most of them award as a waste of time. We will show to you how to cut it down to mere minutes even if you work with a big collective.


There are free of charge solutions, but those are time consuming and have many other disadvantages beside it. However, we show you a solution by which you can oversee the worktime of your colleagues better and can distribute the tasks optimally.

Human resources

Get to know from our study how your employees feel under survaillance and why is it counterproductive in terms of work ethic and teamwork – we propose alternatives that your workmates will use willingly.
The Ways of Worktime Management is an excellent, readable and very useful study.

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Because we’ll show you a unique solution beyond all other methods, by which you can handle employees’ work time very easily and can be really useful for you too.

We present the major problems to you in a video series including the best solutions for them.

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We made a comprehensive survey with company leaders about their opinions relating to the worktime management.

If you apply for this gratis e-book now, we will send to you additionally the evaluation of this questionnaire, in order to inform you about solutions of other enterpreneurs and the overall situation in this industry.

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