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Privacy Policy


1         The purpose of the prospectus:


Anteus Development Commercial and Service Limited Liability Company (hereafter Data Handler) discloses its personal data management activity, data management and data protection policies to the user of the Website in a transparent, easily accessible way

2         What is data management and who is the data controller?

Data Management: the totality of any operations or operations on personal data or data files. (This can be done in an automated or non-automated way).

Such action may be: collecting, capturing, rendering, tagging, storing, transforming or modifying, querying, inspecting, using, communicating, distributing or otherwise making available, aligning or linking, limiting, deleting or destroying. (GDPR Article 4 2.)

Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter referred to as “concerned”);

Such information may be among others: names, numbers, location data, online identifiers or physical, physiological, genetic, intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity of a natural person. Based on this factor or several factors, a natural person can be identified directly or indirectly. (GDPR Article 4 1.)

 Data controller: means any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body that determines the purposes and means of handling personal data individually or with others; where the purposes and means of data management are defined by Community or national law, the data controller or the particular aspects of the designation of the data controller may also be defined by Union or national law; (GDPR Article 4 7)

Name of  data controller: Anteus Development, Trade and Service Limited Liability Company (hereinafter Data Manager)

Registered office of the data controller: 1154 Budapest, Nádastó utca 18.

Contact details of the data controller:

Phone: +36 1 9000 300
E-mail: anteus@anteus.hu
Website: www.anteus.hu

Data processor: In order to perform the tasks of the Data Controller more efficiently, It takes a data processor. “Data Processor” means any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body that manages personal data on behalf of the data controller. For example, it can be a bookkeeping agency or a hosting provider

The data processor and any person who has access to personal data acting under the control of the data controller or the data processor may only treat data in accordance with the instructions of the data controller, unless such deviation is required by Union or national law.

Availability of data processors:

Our Hosting Provider:

Our Company uses a data processor to maintain and manage its website and to operate its e-mail correspondence system, who provides the web hosting and technical background of e-mail correspondence and manages the personal data provided on the website, for the duration of our contract This is done by storing personal information on the server.

This data processor is named as follows:

Company Name: ItSmart Informatikai Kft.

Registered office: 2120 Dunakeszi, Wass Albert U. 2. 1/9.

Location: 2120 Dunakeszi, Fő út 105. 1st floor

Company Registration Number: 13-09-133795

Tax number: 11695590-2-13

Representative: Tibor Demeter

Phone number: +36 30 462 0500

E-mail address: info@itsmart.hu

Website: www.itsmart.hu


Our Marketing Service Provider:

Our company uses a data processor to send the newsletters, who is responsible for sending the newsletters and providing the necessary web hosting and technical background for the system of newsletters, and in this context, it manages the personal data provided on the website, storing data on the server.

This data processor is named as follows:

Company Name: Multi M Studio Ltd

Registered office: 1144 Budapest, Csertő Park 2 / a. 12th floor, 125

Location: 1158 Budapest, Árvavár utca 7 / b

Company Registration Number: 01-09-700089

Tax number: 12718687-2-42

Representative: László Vajda

Phone number: +36 1 470 0440

E-mail address: info@multimstudio.hu

Website: www. multimstudio.hu

3         The purpose, legal basis, managed data range and storage time:

The legal basis for data handling is the explicit, voluntary and unambiguous consent of users who use the Website, who fill out the Contact Form (hereafter referred to as “User” or “Users”)  for the   Job Vacancies of the “Data Handler”

The Data Controller shall ensure that the User agrees separately for the various personal data management operations (GDPR paragraph 43)

3.1    Users who fill in a Contact Form / Users wishing to try a Demo program

Az adatkezelés célja:

  • contact,
  • Demonstration of a demo program,
  • sending newsletters by email.

Way of consent: Depending on the purpose of the consent, on the Website, after reading the Privacy Statement, a Checkbox (tick box) indicating the User’s active contribution and express consent.

The scope of the personal data handled: Filler’s name, e-mail address and phone number

For learning the data a limited circle of employees, colleagues coordinating correspondence to sales@anteus.hu e-mail address are eligible.

Storing the data: The data provided by the User shall be maintained until the User requests the deletion of the Personal Data. The user is entitled to withdraw his consent at any time in the case of consent handling.

In case of newsletters, simply click on the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter or write us at the sales@anteus.hu e-mail address.

n case you have provided your information for quotation and / or request for information, you can request the deletion of your data in the data provided by the Data Manager above.

3.2    For data handler job applicants:

The purpose of data management: loading the data manager’s job vacancies.

Way of consent: to the address allas@anteus.hu, sending a post to a job is clearly voluntary, the use of the mail system used by the user is required, so the submission of the application will indicate active participation and express consent to the processing of data.

The scope of the personal data handled: Applicant name, e-mail address, phone number, photo, employer’s note on the candidate (if any).

Candidates for Job Vacancies in their CVs can enter more personal information (such as address, date and place of birth, qualification data, hobby, mother’s name, etc.), which is handled confidentially.

Only one narrow group (recruiting colleague, manager) can access the allas@anteus.hu address.

To learn about data are typically entitled  the Managing Directors, the head of the organizational unit of the position to be occupied and a colleague dealing with Human Resource Management (recruiting).

Storing data: 3 months after the empty position has been filled.

The data will then be deleted / destroyed.



3.3 The company is directly interested in contacting the e-mail addresses provided as contact details

The purpose of the data management: to contact: request, inquiries.

Personal Data Handled: name, e-mail address and any personal information that the writer provides himself.

Legal Basis for Data Processing: Expressive voluntary consent of the concerned (correspondent) and enforcement of the legitimate interests of the Data Controller and the legitimate concerned.

To get the information: A limited circle of employees, colleagues coordinating correspondence to contact email addresses, and colleagues in contact, inquiries, and inquiries are eligible.

Storage of data: The data provided by the data subject will be processed until the person concerned requests the deletion of Personal Data. Anyone at any time can request the deletion of their data at the above mentioned contact details

3.4.      Other data management by the data controller:

The website for a better user experience, more convenient handling and statistical analysis purposes uses the so-called cookies.

(1)  Cookies are short data files placed on the user’s computer by the site you visit. The purpose of the cookie is to make the information technology, the Internet service easier and more convenient. There are many types, but are usually divided into two large groups. One is the temporary cookie that the site places on the user’s device only during a given session (eg, a security identification of an Internet banking), the other is a permanent cookie (eg, a language setting for a website) will remain on a computer until the user deletes it. Cookies may only be placed on the user’s device if the user is authorized by the European Commission to use cookies (unless they are strictly necessary for the use of this service).

(2) For cookies not requiring a user’s consent, information must be provided during the first visit of the website. It is not necessary for the full text of the information on cookies to appear on the website, it is sufficient for the website operators to briefly summarize the essence of the information and refer to the full availability of information as a link.

(3) In the case of cookies requiring consent, the information may also be linked to the first visit to the site if the data handling associated with the use of cookies is started by visiting the site. If the cookie is linked to the use of a feature specifically requested by the user, the information may also appear to be associated with this feature. In this case, it is not necessary that the full text of the information on the cookies be displayed on the website, it is sufficient to provide a brief summary of the essence of the information and a link to the full contact information.

3.3    Information on the use of cookies

(1) In accordance with general online practice, our company also uses cookies on its website. A cookie is a small file that contains a set of characters that is placed on the visitor’s computer when you search for a site. When you visit this site again, the cookie allows the site to recognize the visitor’s browser. Cookies can store user preferences (eg selected language) and other information. Among other things, they collect information about visitors and their devices, note the visitor’s custom settings, when using online shopping carts. Cookies generally make it easier to use the site, help the web site provide users with a true web experience and provide an effective source of information, as well as providing site administrator with the ability to check the functionality of the site, prevent abuse, and ensure the smooth and adequate provision of the web site.

(2) The website of our Company uses the following information to record and manage the following information about the user and the device used by him:

the IP address used by the visitor,

  • browser type,
  • features of the operating system of the device used for browsing (configured language)
  • visit date,
  • the visited (sub) page, feature or service.


(3) Accepting or enabling cookies is optional. You can reset your browser settings to reject all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is just being sent. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but they can usually be changed to prevent automatic acceptance and offer a choice every time.



See the links below for the most popular browser cookie settings:

However, we also note that certain site features or services may not work properly without cookies.

(4) The cookies used on this site are not in themselves suitable for identifying the user.

(5)  Cookies used on the company’s website:

Technically indispensable sessio cookies:

These cookies are required to allow visitors to browse the web site, seamlessly and fully utilize its features, services available through the web site, including – in particular – a note of actions made by the User on those pages during a visit. The duration of this cookie’s data management is limited to the user’s current visit, after the end of the session or by closing the browser, this type of cookies will be automatically deleted from your computer.

The name of the cookies:AVChatUserId, JSESSIONID, portal_referer

Their function: the so-called session cookies, which ensure the proper functioning of the website.

Handled Data Circuit: the sum of the data collected by the person concerned about the given cookie (eg user’s IP address, preferences, eg language used, etc., visited pages).

The purpose of data management: ensuring the proper functioning of the website.

Cookies requiring consent:

These provide the opportunity for the Company to keep in mind the user’s choices regarding the website. Prior to using the User’s service and during the use of the service, you may prohibit this data management at any time. These data can not be linked to the identifier of the recipient and can not be transferred to a third party without the consent of the user.



Cookies helping the usage:

The legal basis for data handling is the visitor’s consent.

The purpose of data management: Increase efficiency of the service, increase user experience and make the site more comfortable.

The data processing period is 6 months.

Cookies assuring performance:

Google Analytics cookies – you can find out about them here:


Google AdWords cookies  – you can find out about them here:


4         Rights of the persons concerned (GDPR Chapter III)

  1. The User (Website User) is entitled to receive proper information about how to handle his or her personal data before starting data management. The same information right shall be granted to the data subject throughout the entire period of data management
  2. We ensure that the person concerned can validate his / her access rights, that is to say, within 30 days of request, we will give feedback on how to:
    1. whether their personal data is being processed
    2. if you have personal data management in progress, we are informed about:
    3. i) the purposes of data management;
    4. ii) who are concerned by the data handling (personal data categories);
    5. whether or not his personal data are being transmitted
    6. the intended duration of the storage of personal data
    7. the right of the data subject to request the data controller to correct, delete or restrict the personal data relating to the data controller and object to the handling of such personal data;
    8. the right to lodge a complaint addressed to a supervisory authority;
    9. where data is not collected from the data subject, all available information on their source;
    10. whether there is automated decision-making (including profiling) related to data management, as well as its method and technology.
  • We assure the data subject that, at his request (without unreasonably delay), to make inaccurate personal data corrections
  1. The right to cancel of the concerned (“the right to forget”) is provided without delay, that is, the personal data of the person concerned will be solicited, unless it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation or to enforce the legitimate interests of the Data Controller
  2. The data subject is entitled to request that the data controller restricts the data handling upon request.
  3. We provide the data subject with data transfer, which means that “the party concerned has the right to receive personal data made available to him by a data controller in a fragmented, widely used machine-readable format, and is entitled to receive such data in a to another data controller without being obstructed by the data controller whose personal information was made available to him”.
  • The person is entitled to object to the handling of his or her personal data for reasons related to his / her own situation, including profiling based on those provisionss.

The user can apply for the above rights on the following contact details, our personnel are at your disposal:

Phone: +36 1 9000 300

E-mail: anteus@anteus.hu

5         Data security measures

Anteus Ltd. shall take all necessary steps to protect the User’s or Clients’ personal data against unauthorized access and to prevent unauthorized transmission, unauthorized disclosure, injury or accidental destruction.

We store data on secure servers with the appropriate security system.

In the course of data processing, they implement appropriate technical and organizational measures, such as pseudonym, which are aimed at effectively enforcing the principles of data protection, such as data saving, on the one hand, and on the other, the requirements of the GDPR regulation and the safeguards for protecting the rights of those concerned in the process of data management.

The Data Controller shall ensure that the data security rules provided for in the applicable laws are enforced.

Anteus Ltd. treats any personal information or other information you may have known as a business secret regarding the person, data, business, property, and any contract with the Company.

The obligation of secrecy shall apply to senior officers and employees of the Company without limitation on time.

6         Legal remedies

The data controller and the data subject shall seek to settle disputes arising in connection with the processing of data primarily between them.

If you have any questions, comments or suspicions of possible breach, please contact our staff at our contact details!

Phone: +36 1 9000 300

E-mail: anteus@anteus.hu

Under Article 77 of the GDPR, every person concerned has the right to complain to the supervisory authority in his opinion that the processing of personal data relating to him infringes this Regulation.

You can do this by following the contact details below:

National Privacy and Freedom Authority can be used:

Name: National Data Protection and Freedom Authority

Headquarters: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C.

Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf .: 5.

Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400 Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410

E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu

Website: http://naih.hu Without prejudice to any administrative or non-judicial remedies available under Article 79 of the GDPR, including the right under Article 77 to complain to a supervisory authority, all parties concerned shall be entitled to an effective remedy if: they consider that their rights under this Regulation have been infringed because of the inadequate treatment of his personal data under this Regulation.

7         Legal background

In preparing the Prospectus, we have taken into account the provisions of the following legislation


on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Regulation (EC) No 95/46 (General Data Protection Regulation (in the following GDPR)

CXII law/2011  On self-determination right of information and freedom of information (int he following Infotv.);

  V.law/2013 on  the Civil Code (int he following “the Civil Code”)

XLVIII. law/2008 on the basic conditions and some limitations of economic advertising activity (in the following “Grtv”);

as well as the guidelines of the National Data Protection Authority.

8         Commitment

The Data Manager agrees to be bound by this Privacy Statement and is complying with all the requirements of this information and the above-mentioned legislation.

The Privacy Policy is effective as of May 25, 2018!