Bank. Prison. Amusement park. What is the common in these?

All of them need professional and secure access control system. This is provided by Anteus. Reliable access control systems are a must in countless areas of modern life. It’s not only about comfort, it’s way more than that. Data processing, facilitating control and ensuring safety are all essentially important duties of a contemporary access control system. Anteus team’s main mission is to contribute by the maximum extent to the everyday successes of companies, institutes or organized events through our complex solutions.

3 key factors of Anteus’ popularity

  1. Genuine developmentSales is not our sole activity, we ensure the continous reliability by genuine development.
  2. Continuous quality

We permanently test our systems. User feedbacks and suggestions are evaluated and built into our developments, this way ever increasing quality can be guaranteed in the final products..

  1. WarrantyHaving in-house development, warranty solutions are really close. Our engineers manage these tasks with utmost expertise.

Every sector can count upon our expertise since 1997

  • Sites and offices of small and medium enterprises
  • Public institutions
  • Sport, leisure and amusement centers
  • Factories, industrial plants and service providers
  • Office buildings
  • Spas, public and thermal baths, summer beaches
  • Banks, financial institutes

Most frequently preferred Anteus solutions:

  • OfficeControl – Office access control and time & attendance management system
  • TicketControl – Ticketing access control system
  • ParkControl – Off street pay parking system
  • Enter Series – Turnstiles, gates and barriers for controlling physical admission
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