Total flexibility


Opens a new dimension


Higher employee satisfaction. More efficient work.


Higher management efficiency

Labour and worktime optimization

Complex solution

Access control and worktime management combined

Simple use

Clear, transparent, user-friendly interface

The 4 key functions,



Either in cloud or on intranet

Practical, customizable operation. Big companies can deploy it on their isolated intranet for extra safety, while smaller enterprises may enjoy the benefits of the cloud.



Automated holiday request and approval

Managment of holidays and sick leaves is simple and transparent from now on. No need for paper work or manual updating of Excel sheets anymore.



Customizable attendance registers and reports

Handling of attendance registers and various shifts, reporting vacations and absences works like a charm. Thanks to the automated workflow, managers receive the reports on time, via email in the desired format.


Complex worktime and access control management

OfficeControl takes care of everything. Arrivals, leavings, absences? No problem. Realized working hours, time clockings, work schedules and overtimes are all registered and processed.



Have a free trial

Would you like your company adminsitration to be handled properly?
Has the system caught your fancy, but still affraid of its suitability? Have a free trial and be convinced by your own experience.

What are the benefits of the free trial?

0% risk, 100% success
During the trial period you can test the system on your own computer, on your own company – without any risk.

Access free of charge
Trial period is better than a movie trailer. Your experience is not restricted to a sorted scenery, we make the complete system available for you. Try out everything without limitation, moreover – for free.

We show you the entire system
Trial version usually means a demo with limited capabilities. On the contrary, we give you the whole system for your thorough study – with access to all single details.

What sort of companies are supported by OfficeControl?

For small and medium enterprises we offer it as a cost-effective cloud based system.
For large companies and institutions it is available as a local, isolated system on demand.

Would a system making your life easier come in handy at your company too?
Would you like to make company administration more efficient?


Wipe out 2 notorious corporate bogeymen! Are these areas problematic in your company too?

Managing the corporate administration in a decent way is a permanent challenge for company leaders, especially if the headcount is on the rise. What is suitable for several employees, may fail for a bigger staff. The administration is getting more and more complicated, resulting increasing burden on the management.

Reasonable expectations from the worktime registration

Accurate settlement with the employees
It’s essential to keep a correct settlement with the employees, since the wages are in strict correlation with realized working hours, vacancies and overtimes.
Labor relations are sustainable and long term only if based on a correct accounting.

Complying with regulations
An other highlighted area is compliance with authorities, preventing penalties.
As supervisors from authorities may come without preliminary notice, it’s vital to keep your registrations up-to-date. Additionally, this is always the employer’s liability.

Everything is available in one place
Annoyance and loss of time on daily basis if all registries are accessible through specific softwares. Reaching all data from one source is a valid demand. This way time and energy is saved, which is highly important nowadays.


Bogeyman No. #1: Worktime

The worktime registration is a major bogeyman in company adminstration, no question about it. It’s perceived as a bothering for both parties, but one point is absolutely sure on this field; the employer is responsible for the accurate time & attendance registration.


Bogeyman No. #2: Access

Precise registration of the physical access is a mutual interest of both parties. The situation gets to be more complex if there are more buildings, sites, or shifts concerned. Hence easy operability is essential. Physical admission control is a major security risk, therefore it is handled accordingly beside administrational considerations.

With the simple and versatile operation of OfficeControl both administrative areas become easily managable.

Why OfficeControl is getting be more and more popular among the companies?

  1. Precise, accurate, transparent worktime registration.
  2. Perfect physical access control regardless the scale.
  3. Everything is accessible in one place, no need for additional registries or Excel sheets.
  4. Simple, practical and easy-to-use system.
  5. It has a short learning curve and saves the time spent on adminstration.
  6. Readily available information up-to-date.
  7. Efficiency-enhancing management tool with easily automatizable processes.

Why do managers like OfficeControl?

Up-to-date data
Instant, anywhere accessible information.

Transparent processes
No fudge on timing, employee statements can be checked easily.

Holiday management on master’s degree
„Stucked in” holidays and related miseries are over. Up-to-date registration can prevent
the unfavourable accumulation of holidays, planning of substitution becomes reality.

Traceable work
The employees can be monitored, their efficiency can be measured.

Controllable external work
Working on remote sites and missions can be followed and controlled in a simple and
transparent manner.

Effective measures against frauds and abuses
Anomalies can be sorted out and reported swiftly, effectively by the readily available
information and accurate registries.

We’ve been developing access control systems for 20 years already, we are good at this.


We’ve been using OfficeControl for 3 years. It provides excellent worktime registration and access control for our company. Employees like it too. We certainly recommend it to you!

I’ve been searching for an application for a long while, in which I can reach everything readily, and I don’t need to wait for days for the reports. Typically managers want what I want; to know where their employees are, and to be sure that vacancies are secured and handled properly – and of course everyone has to do their job. I’m fully satisfied with the features and services of OfficeControl.
When we introduced OfficeControl, I was a bit affraid of the resistance from our staff, as it usually happens when introducing something new. Fortunately, I got over easily because everyone understood rapidly that the system serves everyone’s interest. I heartily advise it.

The problem with most of the time & attendance systems is, that they are too complicated for smaller companies. I’m glad that I gave OfficeControl a chance, I am pleasingly amused. It’s truly great!

OfficeControl modules


Everything from one system

A complex system with simple use, you can only win with it. Final result: more efficient work, lower expenses and perfected administration. Furthermore, all these gains are served by a single solution.



The dream of most managers have come true: precise, accurate and transparent worktime registration. You don’t need to struggle with complicated Excel sheets and half-baked solutions anymore. With OfficeControl you get the solution with the ease of realization; you will become enthusiastic over it.

Access control

Thanks to OfficeControl you can report and monitor your employees in no time. Access control has never been easier or more transparent. Either you are close or away, you can always be well informed and up-to-date.


The self-service terminal is nothing short of the good old punch clock reloaded. An innovative solution that handles the worktimes, arrivals and leavings of the employees with ease. Even more; it’s a communication interface too, since it manages vacations as well.


You don’t need to worry about security. Online diagnostics provides an effective measure in troubleshooting. The built-in safety function enables reliable identification in the system and continous protection.

What should you do if you want to test the system?

  1. Fill out the form. Pay special attention to the correctness of the email address.
  2. Once you have entered the data, you can access the OfficeControl DEMO page, where you can familiarize yourself with all the features of the system using a preset interface and patterns. You can safely set anything up, and preset demo data will automatically reset every hour.
  3. If you want to get acquainted with the system after getting to know the pre-set demo interface, you will be able to use the 30-day free trial. Then you get a full-surface interface that no one else can access, customize and test your system with your own data and settings. Important! This testing takes more time because there is no pre-sample data uploaded in order to allow complete trialability. You get an empty surface so you can try all settings and customizations. You can request a 30-day trial on the public demo interface or in the contact menu.
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